We are Bucksum growers & suppliers of seasonal vegetables



Bucksum began in 2006, from a simple garden polytunnel. The now famous Bucksum sexy salad leaves have been grown in Long Crendon Bucks ever since.


Bucksum produce is proudly served by several celebrity chefs as well as by local mums. A selection of seasonal produce is grown in Long Crendon on the Bucksum farm. We also work with other local growers to enhance the range of local produce available. In 2010 the Bucksum Farm Shop opened to the public.


 We love to cook, seasonally, with good fresh local ingredients and of course we love to share recipes, our community recipe book is available in the Farm Shop.



 Pop-up Producer


This month we have two pop-up producers joining us in the farm shop on 16th June

Zannis Bakery & Oving Dexter Beef
















Zanni's Bakery are from the Chilterns, these guys use local grown grains and wild yeast to create their amazing Sourdough which we love!

"Zanni's Bakery. Wherever possible, we use local, organic ingredients. We use sourdough methods of wild yeast and long-fermentation to bake all of our products, which we believe gives them a unique depth of flavour and breaks down gluten, making our bread and doughnuts easier to digest."













"Dexter beef is exceptionally tasty and tender. Whether you enjoy a traditional Sunday roast, warming casserole or sizzling steak, Dexter beef is hard to beat.

We are a small local producer with a herd of around 70 Dexter cattle on our farm in the village of Oving, Buckinghamshire."




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